Volunteers are the heart of Rebuilding Together!

How We work

Rebuilding Days

Our signature Rebuilding Day projects change lives in a single day.  Groups of volunteers affiliated with our corporate sponsors complete multiple repairs on one dedicated work day, under the direction of an experienced House Captain.

We host Rebuilding Days in the spring and again in the fall, helping 20 to 50 homeowners at a time! The scope of work varies by home, but each project improves the homeowner’s safety, comfort and independence. 

Learn more about sponsoring Rebuilding Together and participating on Rebuilding Day here.

Year-Round and "Safe at Home" Volunteers

Outside of the team projects undertaken on Rebuilding Days, we offer individual volunteers the opportunity to help with home modification and minor repair projects on a regular or scheduled basis.  In partnership with our staff, volunteers focus on helping our clients to be safe at home by installing hand rails and grab bars, fixing tripping hazards, and installing smoke detectors.  Based on skillsets, volunteers are also called on to work with our staff on projects such as porch repairs, prepping for upcoming Rebuilding Day projects, or building fences. 

Contracted Repairs

Grant funding provides support for much-needed safety and home repair projects that are beyond the scope of what we would normally ask volunteers to accomplish.

Examples include roof repair, HVAC replacement, tuck pointing, or major electrical and plumbing work. 

We are always seeking contractors interested in bidding on projects. 

For more information about opportuities for contractors click here.

Skilled Labor Volunteers

Many Labor organizations in St. Louis also participate in our major repair program and they provide skilled labor in conjunction with Rebuilding Day projects in the spring.  On those days, trade union members provide hundreds of volunteer hours, tools and materials, and provide vital home repairs to our neighbors!  Several of our union partners also coordinate with us to provide hands-on learning experiences for their apprenticeship programs.