Contributions to Rebuilding Together St. Louis support safe and healthy housing for homeowners in St. Louis - particularly older adults, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.


Your gift will Make a Difference

Here is what one recent homeowner told us after we completed repairs to the steps in front of his home:

“It was a struggle to get up and down because when I used to come out of my house there was no railing before, so I just used my double canes most of the time to get up and down the steps. But I was used to it. My kids would never let me bring any packages up the steps. They were always with me or they told me to leave them in the car until they got there to help. But now I just come up them like normal!”


You can make this difference for others by donating today or by setting up a regular monthly donation to Rebuilding Together St. Louis.  

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Did you know your donation of $1,000 or more to Rebuilding Together St. Louis could possibly reduce your Missouri state taxes? For more information, you can read about Neighborhood Assistance tax credits here.