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RT Express

Many of you know that in April we have a blitz day where about 2500 volunteers work on about 100 homes in the St. Louis area. Have you ever wondered what RT does the rest of the year? If you’re a handy person, then we have just the program for you.

A small group of individuals work on houses throughout the year. Some repairs can’t wait until Rebuilding Day such as leaky toilets, crumbling bathroom sub floors and unsecured handrails. These projects are smaller than a full Rebuilding Day, but can be a major safety issue for the homeowner.

We’re looking for a few good people who are knowledgeable in home repair, comfortable working in tight spots and on ladders and able to work during the week. If you are interested in the opportunity to join the
Rebuilding Together Express program please contact Wayne for more information: wholland@rebuildingtogether-stl.org .

How To Volunteer