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Community Projects

Community Project Application FAQs

Q: Does Rebuilding Together-St. Louis do community projects?

A: Yes, Rebuilding Together-St. Louis completes various community projects on Rebuilding Day and throughout the year.

Q: What qualifies as a community project?

A: Non-profit organizations, community centers, public playgrounds and any other facilities that hold a 501(c)(3) status are eligible. A community project is ideal if it serves the elderly and/or disabled, but is not a requirement.

Q: How does a community agency apply for services from Rebuilding Together-St. Louis?

A: Community agencies fill out a “Community Agency” application. Once the application is complete and all required information is attached, the Board of Rebuilding Together-St. Louis will review the application and will or will not approve the project.

Q: What is the cost to the community agency?

A: It is strongly encouraged that the community agency provides funding for the project. Funding from the community agency in the form of dollar donations and in-kind donations will only benefit the project and assist in the completion of more repairs. Once the application is received and reviewed, funding with be discussed between Rebuilding Together-St. Louis, the community agency and a possible third-party.

Please see the community project application form for more details.