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House Captains

House Captain is one of the most critical positions for a successful Rebuilding Day! House Captains become involved after a home has been selected by the House Selection Committee and a scope of work has been defined by the Work Evaluator. The House Captain visits the home, meets the homeowner, reviews the scope of work and plans the work for skilled and unskilled volunteers to complete on Rebuilding Day.

With a credit card issued by Rebuilding Together, the House Captain purchases materials and arranges for delivery before Rebuilding Day. On Rebuilding Day, the House Captain is the site supervisor and leader, directing the enthusiastic and energetic group of volunteers, usually 25 in number. Volunteers are both skilled and unskilled, with skilled tradespeople assigned where needed. And, at the end of the day, celebrate a job well done!

House Captains may come from volunteer or sponsor groups, or may volunteer as individuals. Rebuilding Together provides assistance throughout the process, including (and especially!) on Rebuilding Day, for the approximately 110 House Captains; you are not alone!

The position of House Captain is an outstanding opportunity for those with experience and skill to maximize their contribution to the Rebuilding Day effort!

Look over the detailed House Captain information and volunteer today!