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What is Rebuilding Together-St. Louis?

Rebuilding Together – St. Louis is an affiliate of a national volunteer organization. It revitalizes neighborhoods in partnership with the community by rehabilitating the houses of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and the disabled, so that they may continue to live independently in comfort and safety. Rebuilding Together – St. Louis also renews neighborhoods by rebuilding community centers, playgrounds and other community projects.

Why are Rebuilding Together-St. Louis’ services needed?

Many of our neighbors have worked hard all their lives and have been able physically and financially to repair their own homes. Due to illness, aging or any number of uncontrollable causes, they are unable to do the repair work needed and their homes have become unsafe and unlivable. The result is loss of the homeowner’s dignity and crumbling neighborhoods. One day of volunteer effort can make a difference in people’s lives.

Home Repairs

How are homes selected?

All homeowners must fill out the Rebuilding Together – St. Louis application and submit required documents. Once the application has been approved the house is then previewed by the House Selection committee. If the House Selection committee determines that the house is an appropriate candidate for Rebuilding Together – St. Louis, the house is then previewed by the Work Evaluators. They add the technical expertise needed to determine if the house is an appropriate candidate for Rebuilding Day. All homeowners receive a letter in the mail by late February letting them know whether or not they will be selected for Rebuilding Day in the spring.


Who sponsors Rebuilding Together?

Our sponsors include businesses, trade organizations, foundations, service organizations, clubs, associations and individuals.


Who volunteers?

Anyone fourteen and older can be a volunteer.  Volunteers come from religious groups, businesses, schools, community service organizations, labor unions, corporations, associations, government employees and interested and concerned individuals. They represent all professions: secretaries, lawyers, truck drivers, doctors, judges, policemen, housewives, students, etc.  Volunteers do not need to be skilled at home repairs.